Monday, May 31, 2010

Race, Gender and Class Stuggle

This lecture discusses how race, gender, and class interact with each other.  Michael Parenti talks about how gender and race are used to distract people from the issue of class.

Sex, Knowledge and Society

This lecture talks about the idea that science is partly culturally based.  This hour and a half program is highly interesting with the panelists discussing how we might alter the ways we think about gender and culture in the sciences and institutions.

Media Education Foundation

Here you can find many GREAT documentaries for FREE (other than a slightly annoying watermark on the films...).  The full length videos are offered as previews for purchase considerations of colleges.  While the semitransparent watermark "For Preview Only" is embedded over the films, I highly suggest checking them out. 

Media Education Foundation is committed to exploring how the media (particularly advertising such as TV commercials, Magazine ads, and the like) affect our culture.  There are several categories of films to chose from including gender, politics, race, health, and commercialism.

I highly suggest Killing Us Softly 4, Micheal Kimmel on Gender, and Codes of Gender found under the the category of gender.  I also recommend Red Moon under the category of health.  All of these are great for some interesting conversation about gender issues.  

Here is Micheal Kimmel on Gender from youtube without the watermark:

Here's Killing Us Softly 3 on youtube, although I highly recommend Killing Us Softly 4 too: