Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dirty Women

I dare all to look at a woman with respect and decency instead of looking at her with disdain, like a worthless object.

What do you see and feel when you LOOK at this woman? Do you feel disgusted? Do you feel revolt?  Do you feel dirty? Or do you see that loving woman who's your grandma who you only speak to now on Christmas?

What do you see when you look at this woman?  Is she that slut you've always wanted to fuck over?  Is she overcompensating?  Is she just that 'mistake' you never want to look at again?  I dare you to believe that and see where it takes you.  Karma is a bitch.  Be careful where you tread.  

What do you see here? Do you see a dirty animal beneath you, beneath decency and love?  Do you see a sexualized being only worth conquering?  Women in this world might as well be equated to commodities who are exchanged on the basis of looks. Look closely at the women around you, especially those who have raised you, who have been your friends, your confidants. Do you think they are truly happy with the psychotic system put in place to keep them disturbed, fearful, and stir-crazy? Women are bought and sold, traded.  Just like blacks, communists, gays, and other 'scums of the earth', women are wading through a world where they must rise just to your kneecaps just to get SOME respect and decency those others get like it's just a damn gift handed over to them at birth.  White, heterosexual, conservative dicks can't see how wretchedly hard it is for us to rise and be all we can be.  The oppressed of the world can't stand this dilemma.  The privileged, the ones born with a BIRTH RIGHT, have no idea how much we suffer under their legacy of humiliation, subjugation, and oppression.  Let us learn and move on.